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Waterman's  exclusive "607 Flavored Spirits" are created in our Apalachin, New York distillery with only the freshest of local ingredients and without artificial flavorings, colors or dyes added. Each unique flavor begins with our 4x distilled grain neutral spirit. All natural flavors are then infused into every bottle. Each one has been handcrafted, distinctively created with fresh fruits, vegetables, or natural infusions. Every flavor is made in small batches, after the distillation process, to give you the opportunity to experience more than just another flavored spirit. There is no other taste experience like 607 on the market!


Current flavors include, Lemon, Orange, Rootbeer, Jalapeno Ginger, Salted Caramel Maple, Cinnaster, Mocha, and Elderberry Lavender

Waterman's White

White Corn Whiskey

Distilled from New York's finest corn, that has been taken at it's freshest point of the season. 4x distilled, to craft the smoothest sipping spirit possible, at 88 proof. We have worked hard to produce only the best flavor profile to bring to our customers.


Gluten Free and low in calories and carbs!



607 Lemon

607 Lemon combines the flavor of Old World Italy with a burst of fresh lemons! Use in your favorite Lemon Drop Martini, or on the rocks with Iced Tea and a splash of fresh Lemonade.

65 proof $32.99


607 Salted Caramel Maple

607 Salted Caramel Maple, is made with local maple syrup, hand crafted caramel and a hint of sea salt. Try with a splash of Cream Soda for a fun and easy cocktail, or with muddled fruit, as an Old Fashioned.

65 proof. $29.99


607 Jalapeno Ginger

607 Jalapeno Ginger incorporates fresh ginger and farm grown jalapenos, to give you a surprising triple- flavor profile. Mixed with ginger beer, your favorite Bloody Mary mix, or as a Spicy Margarita, this versatile and fun flavor, is one of our most popular!

65 proof. $29.99


607 Cinnaster

607 Cinnaster, unlike other Cinnamon Whiskies, is made all naturally, with the distinct presence of cinnamon, and a touch of heat. Nothing artificial added. Try as a shot, on the rocks, or mixed with peach juice or apple cider!

65 proof. $29.99


607 Blood Orange

607 Blood Orange is a burst of orange in a bottle. Combined with a splash of cranberry and your favorite fizzy beverage, as an addition to your morning Mimosa, or mixed as a Blood Orange Martini, the intense orange taste experience is like no other.

65 proof. $32.99


607 Root Beer

607 Root Beer, reminiscent of that refreshing tall glass of Root Beer soda, but with an additional kick! Perfect for an adult Root Beer Float, just add half and half and your favorite root beer soda, or try our one of a kind, Grapes in a Barrel! Who would have thought that Grape soda would be so delicious with Root Beer Whiskey?!

65 proof. $29.99


607 Mocha

607 Mocha is created with an infusion of locally, freshly roasted coffee beans and chocolate. Mix with your favorite iced coffee and a bit of caramel for an Spiked Iced Coffee, or shake with chilled black coffee and ice for a 607 Mocha Martini. Also, try adding to hot coffee or cocoa on a chilly winter's night!

65 proof. $29.99


607 Elderberry Lavender

607 Elderberry Lavender features locally grown lavender and elderberry juice. This unique creation was developed for those looking for a one of a kind cocktail experience. The botanical flavor combined with distinct aromatic properties, provides you with the experience of relaxing at your favorite spa sipping on a bit of sophistication! Mix with fresh lemonade,

as a Mojito, or in Prosecco!

65 proof. $29.99


Seltzazz Hard Seltzer

Release date...

October 19th, 2019!!

Flavor + Fizz = Seltzazz!!!!


ALL Natural, Low Carbs, Gluten Free, BOLD Flavor!!

When whiskey meets Seltzer, let the fun begin!

"Put a little Pizzazz in your Seltzer"


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