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Waterman's Distillery is housed in a structure of 19th century charm and historical engineering. Three hundred year old hemlock timbers adorn the pegged beam structure built in the 1870's. The German Bank barn is steeped in history and local folklore. Purposefully located on route 434 in Apalachin, N.Y., the distillery is part of America's original moonshine trail established by bootleggers traveling east and west during the prohibition era.


Our location is aptly named in recognition of Fred L. Waterman who was one of the last New York State Troopers to patrol his entire career for "Troop C" on Horseback. One of his greatest calls to justice came when he observed a Canada Dry Soda truck "loaded to the hilt" with granulated sugar sitting at an underpass waiting to make a delivery near the Pennsylvania line. Mr. Waterman's detective work launched the investigation that disrupted one of the largest crime rings in America's history. Waterman's Distillery is the exact location, which Trooper Waterman owned, that housed and boarded his horses. Ironically, all less than a mile from the most notable and most referenced historical 1957 Apalachin Mafia Crime Bust. The historical incident has been portrayed numerous times in famous movies and television shows such as Goodfellas, The Soprano's, and Get Shorty.

Waterman's Distillery is located on three quarter of prime acres just off New York State Route 434 in Apalachin, N.Y. The facility is broken up into various areas and levels. Upon entering through the large front glass doors, you are greeted by our dedicated staff. Here you will be able to learn our history, sample our spirits, enjoy our mixed cocktail delights, and purchase some of our exclusive 607 GEAR , and local retail items.  Also located in the rear of the room you will find our production viewing window. From the window you will be able to see the heart of the distillery in the lower section of the facility. Our 3000 square foot production floor houses our state of the art distilling equipment along with our ingredients, finished goods and storage. We are up and running in production and are eager to share our product with the community.  Private, staff-escorted tours are available.

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